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This is Lono Ho'ala. I'm the Executive Director of the Ho'ala Huna Foundation and I'm here to introduce you to the beautiful world of Ho'ala Huna.

Right now you may be wondering:
  1. "What is Ho'ala Huna?

  2. Why should I be interested?

If you will give me just the few moments it takes to listen to this audio postcard I'll answer those questions, and if you are at all interested in finding out about an ancient set of skills and perspectives that can change your life, I'll show you how you can learn more.
Question #1: What Is Ho'ala Huna?

The simplest answer is that Ho'ala Huna is a way of looking at life that allows you to notice many things you wouldn't ordinarily see. It's a little like having a high quality set of binoculars that allows you to see things with extreme clarity and detail, even if they are a very long way off and it's nearly dark. Native Americans call it Eagle Vision. Hawai'ians call it Ike Papalua or "the high sight that brings power."

It's name says it best. "Ho'ala" and "Huna" are Hawai'ian words. At the surface, they mean: "That which reveals a secret." At the deepest level they mean: "That which causes one to awaken to the sacred awareness of that which is Real."

Question #2: Why Should You Be Interested?

Waking up to Reality is the name of the game. Living in Harmony with Reality is the very key to avoiding suffering and unnecessary pain while creating your life to be rich and abundant. History makes it absolutely clear that we can believe whatever we want, but to the extent those beliefs aren't Real, our life doesn't work. Reality is Perfect. Being in harmony with Reality is what works. It's that simple.

To be in harmony with Reality you first have to be able to see it. That is where Ho'ala Huna becomes so important. Whether you are a scientist who strives to master the ability to see the objective world, or an artist who strives to master the ability to see the subjective world, you will find that Ho'ala Huna has an unparalleled ability to create a deeper marriage between your heart and mind. This marriage is like a doorway that opens into a place where you experience a much bigger dimension of yourself. Best of all, no belief is required. You simply learn and apply the principles and let your experience speak for itself.

How Can You Find Out More?

Because Ho'ala Huna is so important, we've made it extremely easy for you to have all the opportunity you need to check it out without any cost or obligation on your part.
To begin, just put your name and email address in the boxes provided where is says "Free Newsletter" below. This will get you on our mailing list so you can enjoy a free subscription to our "Eagle's Nest News" and be kept up to date with what is happening with us.

We will also give you a free subscription to our new free audio postcard service we call "Huna HeartBeats." We are very excited about this new technology. An audio postcard is how you are listening to me right now.

Can you imagine having the ability to get an Eagle's eye view of current issues and events as they are happening? What better way is there to find out whether or not Ho'ala Huna is as valuable as we say?

There is one other thing I would like to give you as a FREE BONUS. When you subscribe you'll be able to download a report that will help you to understand why the Principles taught by Ho'ala Huna are so important if we expect to find peace in our modern world. This thought-provoking commentary is a $25 value but it is our gift to you when you subscribe.


Subscribe to Our Newsletter and get a Free Special Report and Audio Sound File worth $25!
Please do it now before you forget. It only takes a few seconds and your information is absolutely safe with us. We never sell, rent, or give our lists to anyone for any reason. Besides, any time you want to you can simply use the "unsubscribe" link on any of our communications and we guarantee you will be automatically and instantly removed. That's about as easy and safe as it gets.

Our Foundation specializes in teaching this ancient system of wisdom. We exist to help you make your journey into the world of expanded consciousness an adventure with exciting new discoveries around every turn.

To begin your adventure all you have to do is put your name and email address into the boxes provided and click on that submit button. Go ahead, give it a try. You have nothing to lose but pain and, as Ho'ala Huna teaches, the most troublesome pain you will ever have is the pain that you didn't even know you were in - until it healed. Think about that for a moment. You'll be glad you did!

Once again, this is Lono. You'll be hearing from me in a few days.

Until then, Aloha!
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