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As the Lava Flows : Spiritual Perspectives : Conversations with Spirit, cont.
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Conversations with Spirit, cont.

Posted: 27 July 2006 - 09:49 AM
As my deceased daughter, Kelly, continued to talk to me spirit-to-spirit in the bathtub the other night, she suddenly exclaimed, "Mom. I'm losing you." She explained that she comes to visit me from the World of Spirit when I am open and flexible (ah'ahaha), and I can see and hear her, but soon, I feel sad because of the grief and not being able to throw my arms around her. She says this energy of sadness is heavy, and keeps me from seeing and hearing all of what she has to say.

Kelly says that a similar thing happens when folks have out-of-body experiences (OBEs), and then they get scared that they aren't in their body, and the fear snaps them back into it, and they can't travel around and visit places.

She asked me to focus on the joy of our upcoming communications, and doing this will open up new and wondrous vistas of exploration between our worlds. Haiyae!

To be continued . . . .
Earthangel Michael
Posted: 30 September 2006 - 09:37 PM
Our journey is one of the 'present' for when we are fully present we en'joy' the great gift the all -'the present'.
May all of our 'presents' add up to out total divinity for we are all divine!!!
Merry Christ (love) Mass ( celebration) each and every moment!!

EarthaNGEL mICHAEL aka Son of St. Nick
As the Lava Flows : Spiritual Perspectives : Conversations with Spirit, cont.

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