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The idea that belief could be counterproductive to awareness seems completely obvious. After all, if you believed that the earth was flat you wouldn't be wiling to take a voyage around the world and thereby discover the Truth. If you are so unconscious as to believe that black people, Native Americans, or Jews are sub-human, you are not likely to have the kinds of interactions we these types of people that would demonstrate the degree of your unconsciousness.  

However, if you are committed to some sort of religion that requires you to believe in their dogma, it can very hard to accept the idea that your religion could somehow be mistaken about how they want you to see God and your relationship with Deity. After all, large elements of your culture have conditioned you to believe that if you lose "faith" in their dogma, you will lose your soul to someone called the devil and burn in hell for the rest of eternity.

It is a well-established principle of psychology that we see what we expect to see. If we expect to see "goodness" in something, we will see it no matter how evil it may be. A prime example are those who supported slavery prior to America's civil war or those who supported Hitler's death camps for Jews in Nazi Germany.

On the other hand if we expect to see "evil" in something we will see that as well - no matter how beautiful it may be. The prime examples here are the number of Real priests like Jesus who have been tortured and killed for delivering the message that we are ALL A PART OF GOD, and therefore, Divine.

What separates Ho'ala Huna from many other spiritual paths is that it is NOT a belief-based faith. Instead, Ho'ala Huna is an axiom and postulate-based system of wisdom that requires no belief. It relies exclusively on reason to gain insight about spiritual matters. Faith (not belief) plays a role, but only to the point that one becomes willing to explore these ideas in the Light of Reason. Then faith is no longer necessary. 

Reason is a Divine gift that is the bedrock of understanding. It is an inborn capacity that provides the only reliable credential for discerning Truth. It is the foundation of the scientific method, whether that method is applied to the World of Form or the World of Spirit. The statement in gold above is said to be over 10,000 years old, and even today is one of the best descriptions of the scientific method that exists.

As with any science, the science of Ho'ala Huna or the exploration of the true nature of Reality is defined by axioms and postulates. 

An axiom is a premise or starting point for reasoning. An axiom is a premise so evident that it must be accepted as true without controversy.

Postulates are the logical extensions of axioms in some particular field of study, and are equally self-evident.

Axioms and postulates are the basic assumptions that must accepted without demonstration. For example, it is self-evident that the whole is greater than any of its parts. It is also self-evident that things which are equal to another thing, are also equal to one another. In geometry it is also obviously true that all right angles are equal to one another.

When it comes to spirituality, it is especially useful to draw a distinction between a belief and an axiom.

In many religions, one must believe in a god that is infinite, yet also separate from god's creation or elements thereof. Only in that way can a religion say that this god condemns those souls deemed unworthy to hell - a place of eternal separation from this god. These religions also teach that there is a Satan, or devil that does war with this god for the souls of men. Obviously this "Satan" is not a part of this god either. 

 To believe these ideas, one must divorce oneself from their God-given capacity of Reason for Reason informs us that it is not possible to be infinite and not contain everything at the same time. However, if religions that teach people to think this way are to survive, they must resolve this conundrum by calling such unreasonable ideas mysteries, and the measure of one's worthiness is their willingness to believe such nonsense.

In contrast, Ho'ala Huna affirms that there is such a thing as the ALL THAT IS. This ALL THAT IS includes everything throughout all the dimensions of space/time/matter/energy and all the other dimensions of the worlds of form and spirit - throughout ALL TIME. 

Because the word "God" has only the meaning we choose to give it, we choose to define this word as the ALL THAT IS because this is the only definition of that word that makes any sense. It is an axiom. This is a meaning for the word "God" that any rational being must accept - including those who would label themselves as atheists. It must be accepted as self-evident Truth because there is such a thing as the ALL THAT IS. We may not comprehend it but we all live in it every day. 

By this definition, everything in this world must be made out of that God, for there is nothing else out of which anything can be made. That includes you, whomever you are, along with every part of your life. This, of course, means that everyone is worthy as a condition of their existence. Obviously this is something religions cannot tolerate.

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