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Course Structure
Each Wednesday night, "Huna Perspectives" is offered live by teleconference. These live teleconferences are an ideal way to enjoy the class because there is an opportunity to ask questions.

Because every lesson is originally delivered to a live audience there is a level of spontenaety and interest that is impossible to duplicate in "canned" presentations.

Each class is digitally recorded as it happens. After the live teleconference each class is downloaded, edited, and made available to those who registered for that class. In addition, written outlines of each class are prepared and these are also available to those who registered for that class.

Those who are registered for a class (no need to attend) will be automatically emailed a link that will allow them to download the class and any supporting materials at no additional charge as soon as they are posted to the website.

Students should begin with "Overview of Ho'ala Huna." which is offered without charge or obligation.

After that, there is no need to classes in order. Instead, review the selections available and select those that interest you in the moment. Once purchased you can download them in digital format, or order them in hard copy. Then you can keep your copy in your personal spiritual library.

To summarize, each class may be:
  • listened to "live;"

  • downloaded in a MP3 digital formats suitable for playing on your computer or an iPod or similar device;

  • a written class study guide may be downloaded as an eBook.
All this is included with your tuition! Those who want hard copies of the materials including full color print versions of the class study guides and recordings on CD's may order them for physical delivery at any time. Student Members are entitled to a 20% discount on all such materials.

What does each lesson include?

Each lesson is first presented by live teleconference. Soon after each presentation of "Huna Perspectives Live" a digital sound file that can be played on your computer or on iPods and similar devices will be posted on the site along with a study guide. Those who purchase the live teleconference will be able to electronically download any written material and sound files for that class free of additional charge.

What about lessons I've missed?

Those who miss any live class may simply order it from the website. Classes are available either in hard copy form or in digital form for electronic delivery.

What if I want physical delivery of a lesson?

The lessons that are available for physical delivery are available on the website. Lesson outlines are printed in full color on high quality paper 8-1/2 x 11 paper and are accompanied by a CD. Our price per lesson by physical delivery is $25 including shipping and handling to the continental U.S. Members receive a 20% 'Ohana discount on all materials. Students and Priests receive a 30% discount.

What is the cost of the lessons?

  • Non-members may either register for a live class or order a past class in digital format (PDF written materials and MP3 digital sound files) for $15.

  • Members receive a 20% 'Ohana discount on all lessons.

  • Student Members pay tuition and receive each Huna Perspectives Live during the period covered by their tuition without additional charge. Archived lessons in digital format as well as any other products or services offered by the Foundation are available to Student Members at a 20% discount.

  • Priesthood members who are current on their commitment to tithe receive all digital lessons free of charge. Products for physical delivery are available to Priests at a 20% discount as well.
Registration for "Live" classes, as well as all archived Lessons in the Way of Wisdom are available from the drop down menu in the Products section.
Questions & Study Tips
As you study the material, it is both inevitable and appropriate that you have questions.

One way to deal with questions is to create a local 'Ohana group that studies the material together. This is a fun and productive way to engage the lessons because it provides a format where stimulating conversations can cover lesson material. Often, other students will know the answer you are looking for and at other times, you may get the chance to be a teacher.

For those who do not yet have a local group with which to study, the best way to deal with questions is to notice that on the "School" section of this website there is a bulletin board called "Ask Your Kahu" where you can ask questions about the class material. Simply send your questions to and they will be answered on that bulletin board.

You may also ask a question that Lono may choose to answer during one of his LonoLive! teleconferences. Due to limited time constraints and the nature of this venue there cannot be any guarantee that your question will be the one selected, if it is it can become the vehicle whereby everyone finds great insight into some aspect of Awakening.

Finally, you may always book a personal counseling appointment with either Lono, or any of our other Kahuna Kupua. This is the best way to get comprehensive answers that are tailored to your particular level of understanding.
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