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The Eagle's Nest Family (Ohana)


WE ARE A UNIQUE FAMILY of people. We come from all over the world and many walks in life, but we share a common vision. Our purpose in life is to be more awake today than we were yesterday, every day, for the rest of our lives.

Our mission is to help others to awaken to an ever deeper personal awareness of Reality in whatever way we can.

Because we are all connected in the ALL THAT IS that is God, only by understanding the nature and purpose of Reality/God will we ever be able to enjoy the peace and abundance that is our birthright.

No matter who we are or where we come from, to achieve our goal means that we must hold four important ideas in common.

  1. The only definition for the word "God" that makes any sense is God is the ALL THAT IS.  

  2. Because everything is an undeniable part of this ALL THAT IS, every person as well as every part of our lives is made out of God for there is nothing else out of which we can be made. Because each of us come to this life as a part of God, each of us is endowed with "sacred space" or what the Founding Fathers of the United States of America called "unalienable rights." We affirm the Principle that no government can morally have any right that does not derive from the sacred space of the individual and that such individuals agree to delegate to that government. For more information on this idea, click here.

  3. We Recognize that it is both our unalienable right and our personal responsibility to enjoy the unfolding of our awareness into Enlightenment and that process is the purpose of our lives and our birthright as Children of the only Real God - the ALL THAT IS. To do that requires that we support each person's right to make choices and receive the consequences of those choices. Those people who make wise choices deserve the right to enjoy the peace and prosperity that flow from such choices. Those people who make poor choices must be allowed to endure the pain that results from such choices, because only by allowing people to receive the pain that is the result of poor choices can they learn how to make wiser choices. The Family encourages each person to master their unique gift so they can return it to the Circle of Life. We also encourage each member to master the arts of self-discipline and loving service so they can enjoy the sense of self-worth and the prosperity and abundance that comes from doing so.

  4. We have a deep appreciation for the ancient wisdom of Ho'ala Huna because it allows us to undertake our journey into Self-realization with unparalleled clarity and power. As we grow in Awareness we grow in Power. Because we know this to be True we pledge our support to any member of our family who can bring some dimension of awareness and strength to our membership. We only require that it is done in a way that is in Harmony with Reality and the Principles we know to be true.

We invite all people of any race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or political persuasion to stand with us as valued members of the Eagle's Nest Family. You can check out the benefits of membership in our family by clicking here.
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Ancient Wisdom Heals Modern Lives

Ho'ala Huna Foundation
P. O. Box 7261
Woodland Park, CO 80863

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