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Enlightenment is the Pearl of Great Price. It is a place of where there is no fear and a sense of serenity and peace prevails.

Enlightenment is NOT something new to you. Enlightenment is your birthright because Enlightenment is your eternal HOME - the place where You truly Live and to which you will return when yow awaken from this dream you call your life.

Enlightenment is not difficult. In fact, Enlightenment is the easiest way to live. What is hard is to live an unenlightened life. An unenlightened life is dark, heavy, aned full of fear. In the darkness petty jealousies, dishonesty, unfulfilled needs and conflict prevails. An unenlightened life is hell.

Enlightenment is not hard to learn, nor does it lie outside the normal person's reach. In fact ALL people are on a path to Enlightenment. No one ever gets truly lost. Everyone always wakes up to find themselves HOME - ONCE AGAIN! When we do wake up HOME we realize this life was the dream, and our Enlightened HOME is the only place that is REAL regardkess if how it may feel here.

What is difficult about taking the path to Enlightenment is it will require you to,let go of beliefs that you think are the source of your safety. We call it the ability to sacrifice your sacred cows on the altar of Enlightenment. This requires courage, because many of your friends, family and elements of your culture will not understand why you no longer look at God in the way they think is necessary. However, for those who have the courage, it is a choice that in retrospect you would easily do again. The Pearl of Great Price is worth far more than any amount of pain it takes to obtain it.

Enlightenment is like turning on the lights in a dark place. Enlightenment is an experience of Awakening.

To Awaken is to experience ever more of Reality from ever higher points-of-view. Because we can see more of Reality, we can see more about the True nature of things. As we see and understand more of Reality, we are able to increasingly appreciate the beauty, magic, and perfection that is Reality. When we do we experience a sense of Peace and Abundance.

To learn how to be more Awake and see more clearly than you ever dreamed possible, you must begin by waking up to the absolute Truth of the First Principle of Ho'ala Huna. To learn more about this Principle click here.

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The Nature of Enlightenment

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