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The Nature of Enlightenment 
This is the first edition of Huna Perspectives. It begins with a traditional kahuna prayer which sets the stage for a powerful talk on the nature of Enlightenment and the practical aspects of achieving it. The sound quality of subsequent recordings is much better, but this one is so good we didn't want to re-record it.

Enjoy at your leisure. The recording is 35 minutes and 24 seconds long.
  • Free MP3 Electronic Download - This is a free MP3 download. Listen on your computer or iPod. When you click on the link it will take you to a shopping cart link. Fill out the materials as requested, but there is no need to put in any payment information. Process the order and the link will come to you via your web browser. To download a copy of the file, right click on the download button.
  • CD - $10.00 - This is a high quality stereo CD recording.
  • Cassette - $10.00 - This is a high quality stereo cassette recording.
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