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About Lani 

Aloha and welcome to my page. 

My name is Kaikelani Ho'ala. I was born Ann Catherine Ferguson in Scotland on December 27th, 1951. From the time I can remember I could either see or sense the Spirits of people who had passed on. My family did not understand this as a gift and felt that their child would be branded as odd so they punished me if I spoke of theses things. I spent much of my childhood wandering the parks close to my home and learned to communicate with nature. I felt alienated from my peers and uncomfortable in my own country.

When I arrived in America in 1976 I knew I had found my true home. I was able to reawaken my gifts and begin using them for the benefit of others.

I was ordained in Hawai'i on June 14, 1992 as Kahuna Kupua Pule meaning "Master Teacher of Prayer and Meditation." I have spent many years teaching various forms of prayer and meditation techniques and performing Lomi Lomi which is a powerful form of meditation combined with bodywork.

For me the secret to enlightenment is to lighten up and not take life so seriously. That can be done when we understand where we are heavy and what perspectives enlighten us. There are always choices that are life-giving in any situation.

I can teach you how to reconnect with your ancestors. I can also teach you to see the subconscious programs that run your life and exchange those that cause pain for ones that unlock life's joy. I can also create personalized meditations designed to help you with your specific issues.

Perhaps my most powerful work is lomi-lomi. If you are local I am available by appointment. If not, you can schedule a lomi-lomi with me if you ever come for a retreat.

I am here in service to you and your desire to awaken to all of who you are. This benefits you, me and all mankind.


Kaikelani "Lani" Ho'ala
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