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Karie Alton 

My name is Karie Alton. Allow me to briefly share with you my journey so that you can benefit from the contrasts in my life as I have, and the clarity and wisdom of Ho'ala Huna that has brought me to this magical place I now reside.

I had the typical dysfunctional American family. My mother was very sweet, loving and compassionate but weak and submissive. My dad was very talented, good-looking and charismatic but had poor values and a bad temper. My sister and I grew up in a middle-class, intact family but with life-taking spirits (malu) of racism, sexism, violence, incest and infidelity, to name a few of the worst.

While there were times of great fun and joy, there were also times of pure hell. I learned a lot about how unconsciousness and out-of-balance dynamics can be very devastating to what could otherwise be a wonderful, loving family. During this time I found myself as early as age six, counseling my mother as she wept at the kitchen table, reassuring her that everything would be OK. As you can see, my counseling practice started early.

Growing up in this way I had my own areas of unconsciousness of course, each of which created its own painful patterns. I have played the pitiful victim, dumb blonde, and hostile parent/spouse roles. At times I thought I needed to manipulate people by being aloof, self-righteous and/or passive-aggressive. My saving grace however, has always been a strong connection to Source/Nature/All That Is.

From the time I was a small child I would look out of my window at night and no matter what was going on in my home I just knew the Universe was made out of Love and I was a part of the All That Is. I have since found that not everyone has had the benefit of that kind of innate, strong connection so I always felt quite blessed in that regard. Whether outer circumstances were going up or down I always had a residing optimism that manifested many magical events in my life.

In school, three main loves emerged as possible vocational interests for me: dance, marine science and counselor/minister. I was a fan of and read a lot of Jacques Cousteau so after high school I took up scuba diving and went to the Florida Keys to study marine science at the community college there.

When I returned from college I was drawn to the teachings of Paul Solomon at the Fellowship of the Inner Light in Virginia Beach. His message of the All That Is and Inner Light Consciousness triggered many "aha" moments for me. It made so much more sense than the hollow, illogical religions I had been exposed to. It also helped to rid me of the deeply ingrained fear-based mentality I had been indoctrinated into at my fundamentalist Christian high school.

Since college I married twice with a beautiful daughter from each marriage. I had a chance to be a part of a spiritual community with my first husband and multi-million dollar sound innovation company with my second. I've worn the hats of at-home mother/business operator, corporate secretary, customer service director, board member, and certified fitness instructor among others.

Years later I went to my first Ohana meeting where I met Lani and Lono for the first time. It amazed me that after studying Paul Solomon's teachings for so long that now I was hearing a message that was exactly the same but with so much more clarity and depth. The principles that they spoke of were simple yet very powerful and when I took them home and applied them the impact has been life-changing for myself and my whole family.

My passion now is to be of service to all who are ready for this message. I love counseling with people who are in a place of having the required amount of humility and courage to see a new perspective because the Principles make it so much easier to see everything more clearly, like turning on light switches.

As a professionally trained fitness instructor, I also love to coach those interested in achieving more balance through healthier diet and exercise. I am here to be of service to you for private counseling either in person, by phone or email.

No matter what circumstances you may currently find yourself in, there is a way to quickly restore a sense of control from powerlessness, clarity from confusion, balance and ease from struggle and pain. It is after all, our birthright to live as the Divine Beings we truly are.

Having been ordained a Kahuna Kupua of the Order of Ku on June 26, 2005 it is with profound gratitude that I serve the Ho'ala Huna Foundation as Public Relations Director as well as a staff Counselor. I am also deeply grateful to Lani and Lono for their unwavering devotion to this message and its Priests and for the gift of Ho'ala Huna itself.

I invite you to see for yourself if these ideas strike a cord of Recognition within you. If you would like to reach out, we are here for you!

In the Spirit of Unconditional Love- Aloha,
Karie Alton
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