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About Lono 
Lono was born Arthur Costello in 1948 in a small mountain town in Colorado called Salida.

From his earliest years he knew he was born to be a priest. He talked about it so much that his parents sent him to a Benedictine Monastery when he was 13 years old. When he was 18 he left not only the monastery, but also the Catholic Church. He felt he had to do this because he wasn't able to reconcile what he had been taught in the monastery with truth as he was beginning to see it.

In the spring of 1982, when Lono was 34 years old, he was in a flooded crawlspace under his home when he was caught in the grip of 30 amps of electricity powered by 220 volts from an electric hot water heater that had shorted out in the water. 

When his 'lifeless' body was pulled from under the house his back was broken in 4 places, and his hips, shoulder joints, heart, and brain were all severely damaged. He suffered a second near-death experience two years later when his heart stopped beating properly due to the electrical damage.

During both of these events, powerful experiences transformed his life and set the stage for a life work.

As transformative as these experiences were for Lono, there was more to come. After moving to Hawai'i in the early summer of 1992, Lono and his wife Lani were "found" by members of an old world Hawai'ian clan known as the Mo'o.

The Mo'o are the remnants of a nearly forgotten people who thrived for nearly 2,000 years before an invasion from Tahiti in 1,250 AD destroyed their enlightened culture and replaced it with the bloodthirsty reign of the Ali'i kings.

Lono and Lani were told they were the "new world brother and sister that had been expected by the Mo'o." The representatives of this ancient clan said they recognized Lono because he was teaching their Message which had never been written before. He was using certain words in certain ways and teaching concepts in ways only members of their priesthood clan knew. Because of this, they not only knew who Lono was, but also that he had been born to fulfill, renew, and spread the ancient Mo'o Message to people across the world.

After three months of living, learning, and sharing with these magical people, Lono and Lani were formally adopted by them, given their names, and ordained kahuna priests.

Lono was ordained Kahuna Kupua A'o meaning "Master Teacher of the Light" and Lani was ordained Kahuna Kupua Pule meaning "Master Teacher of Prayer."

To the Mo'o, Lono was the fulfillment a prophecy. Before the Tahitian invasion the indigenous Hawai'ians had lived in a balanced, happy, and abundant society without kings, war, or much in the way of crime. It was a culture founded upon the principles and skills taught by a system of wisdom they called Ho'ala Huna meaning "The Secret Knowledge of That Which Is Real." After the invasion, the Ali'i marked all Mo'o priests and their families for execution and this precious wisdom became a closely guarded secret passed down through generations.

The surviving Mo'o made the preservation of this wisdom a most sacred trust. Their prophecy was that there would come a time when a priest from the Light/New World would be reunited with a priesthood brother from the Dark/Old World in a certain place on the Big Island of Hawai'i. This meeting would mark the rebirth of a powerful healing message to a world in pain. It would happen when this message could "fly around the world as if on wings of a bird."

Shortly, after their ordinations, Lono and Lani were sent back to the United States to lay the foundation for the movement of Ho'ala Huna into the modern world. Since that time in 1992 they have dedicated their lives to integrating these ancient teachings into western society by teaching classes and seminars, leading retreats, writing books and articles, and building an extensive website in preparation to disseminate the wisdom to larger audiences.

Open-minded people who hear the message are often stunned by its simplicity, clarity, and instantly recognize its universal value. It is a philosophy that brings together all elements of humanity in a powerful way. Only religious zealots find its message terrifying because proprietary gods cannot live in its Light.

Lono is the author of several books on natural health and a best-selling book on water, "Don't Drink the Water" (Lotus Press).

He has written many books on Ho'ala Huna including Introduction to Ho'ala Huna, The Bowl in the Garden, Eight Steps to Healing, Ho'oponopono: The Art of Conflict Resolution, and many more.

Lono teaches a powerful set of skills and practices derived from his near-death experiences and his encounter with the Mo'o. Known as the Way of Wisdom, the material is presented in a series of lessons.

While people may take the lessons privately, each lesson is best learned in a group setting known as an 'ohana (spiritual family) where concepts are introduced and discussed. Recordings of Lono's teachings on each subject are provided for clarification and further insight.

The Way of Wisdom is a journey into consciousness. Like anything that helps people awaken, it has the power to transform lives and set souls free. Its core message of unconditional love has the power to rid our world of the source of much pain and suffering.

Those individuals who take the time to master its lessons find a deeply increased sense of personal freedom and peace and an increased ability to make a powerful difference in our world.
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The River of Light 

Download the "River of Light"

This is an eBook of 1 hour and 25 minutes divided into 7 chapters. 

This is the first of two parts that relate the story of Lono's near death experiences and how they set the stage for his life's work. It is a powerful story that offers important insights into the nature of life and death, who we really are, and some important keys to Enlightenment.

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The Hawai'ian Magical Mystery Tour 

Download the Hawai'ian Magical Mystery Tour

This an ebook of 54 minutes and 24 seconds divided into 7 chapters.

This is the second of two parts that relate the story of Lono's near death experiences and how they set the stage for his life's work. This audio book relates the details of Lono's magical experiences in Hawai'i and how he came to be ordained by members of the legendary mo'o clan.

Simply right-click on the link above to download the file.

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