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A Welcome from Lono 

Generally speaking, the older we get the more and bigger choices we have to make. Some work, others result in pain. Usually we learn to elevate at least some of our perspectives. That is why most people grow in awareness through life. Sometimes we so need to be "right" about how we see our world that we absolutely refuse to elevate our perspectives, and the Universe sees to it that our pain gets worse.


Because this is such a universal experience it is reasonable to say that one of our primary reasons for this life is to awaken to ever higher perceptions of Reality. This is the definition of Enlightenment. It is the Light that allows us to understand Reality. To become Enlightened requires us to have the kind of Humility (no need to be right or worthy) that can make room for us to elevate our perspectives so we can see Reality for what it is, instead of what we want or need it to be.


The more Enlightened we become, the more we are capable of making choices that work to channel Life energy. This marriage of Light and Life is the best definition of Love. It is the true meaning of the Hawai'ian word Aloha. "A" means marriage; "lo" means Light; and "ha" is the breath of Life. 


Huna is the Hawai'ian word for this process of Enlightenment. "Hu" means to grow or swell; "na" means to relieve pain. Therefore huna means to grow in a way that relieves pain.


Kahuna is the Hawai'ian word for someone who holds some sort of wisdom that can relieve pain. "Ka" means to possess something that can be given to another. "Huna" is the knowledge of how to grow in a way that relieves pain.


Ho'ala is the Hawai'ian word for the system that teaches us how to do Huna or grow in a way that relieves pain. "Ho" is something that gives; "a" means to take possession of; "la" is sunlight or the kind of light that brings life.


My name is Lono Ho'ala. I was ordained a Kahuna of the Order of Kane - a "high priest" by representatives of the Mo'o clan in Hawai'i. The "mo'o" are an ancient priesthood clan known as the "dragon priests" because they teach people how to defeat the dragon that is fear. They recognized me as a Kahuna Kupua A'o or Master Teacher of Enlightenment. That is my title. 


My credential is in my Message. I teach that God is the ALL THAT IS. That means that you, and every part of your life is made out of God because there is nothing else out of which you can be made. Not only do I teach that vital idea, but I also teach people Ho'ala Huna, or how to awaken to an absolute ownership of the awareness of their personal Divinity.


Because the Message is Real its Truth is self-evident to anyone who is capable of honestly listening. No belief is either expected or required. 


I share this Message and do this work in a spirit of unconditional Love. Because my path is set, what you do with the Message makes no difference to me. However, your choice regarding this Message will make a great deal of difference to you, your life, and your world. Again, you don't need to believe that. All you need to do is take the message honestly into your heart and you will know. 


Whatever your choice, please know you have my Aloha - which is my Love and respect for your Divinity. Whether or not you choose to see yourself in that Light, I recognize that your path, whatever it has been or whatever it will be for you, is perfect for you. I would never make you bad or wrong for any of your choices. It is all part of your Awakening to your Divinity and I would never be so arrogant as to need to believe that I know what is better for you than your own Divinity.


If however, you choose to explore this Message, please do so in the same spirit of Aloha. While I do not ask for or require your belief, I do require your respect because the Message is sacred. It is sacred because It has the ability to heal not only your life, but a world in pain. 


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Mahalo and Aloha

Lono - Kahuna Kupua A'o

Executive Director of the Ho'ala Huna Foundation

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