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Mo'o Kahuna 
Mo'o is a Hawai'ian word that means lizard, or at a deeper level, the dragon.

In ancient times, the dragon was the mythological "guardian of the threshold" of the doorway that opens into Enlightenment. It was a common idea throughout the ancient world, often symbolized by a dragon holding a pearl in its mouth. To grasp the pearl from the mouth of the dragon a person had to be free of all fear. In those days, the root cause of fear was seen for what it really is - the denial of your Divinity.

The message conveyed by this symbol is that you cannot enter the realms of Enlightenment as long as you stand in denial of your Divinity. Accepting the Truth of your Divinity means RECOGNIZING the Reality of it and LIVING in Harmony with that Understanding. To do so is to live a life of Integrity known as Ka Hana Pono meaning "to work at staying in Harmony with Divine Reality." It is a work that involves awakening to a Recognition of your Divine Nature and deepening that Recognition into a Realization of its meaning and relevance to your Life.

In ancient times the Mo'o Kahuna were known as the "dragon priests" because they taught people how to defeat the dragon of fear and enter into that sacred place of Enlightenment.

Today, for the first time in 750 years, the skills and perspectives known as Ho'ala Huna are being taught openly by Mo'o priests once again. Those who study them soon realize that they have the power to heal lives - not only personally, but also at the level of families, societies, and nations. That is because they make it possible for every person to reclaim their birthright - their connection to your Divine nature.

To this day in Hawai'i you can feel the spirit of these early people and the paradisiacal culture they created. It is an energy that has infused itself into the land. You can feel it about anywhere - but especially when you get away from the busy, more populated areas. It came from honoring the absolute Divinity of ALL THINGS for untold generations.

The world knows this energy as the Aloha Spirit. The Aloha Spirit is the Pearl of Great Price. It is your birthright as a Divine child of Divine Parentage. Owning and living with that sacred Spirit is the only way to restore peace and balance to our world.

So now you know.
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