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Our Mission 

The Ho'ala Huna Foundation exists to help those who are ready to awaken to their Divine potential. We do this by using an ancient system of skills and perspectives known as Ho'ala Huna - also known as the Way of Wisdom.


    Educate those who are ready to the fundamental Reality that God to be the ALL THAT IS

    Our first mission is to support a worldwide movement designed to educate people to the idea that "God" is the ALL THAT IS (ATI). We do this so that:

    The division and hatred created by false notions of proprietary gods can be healed.

    Political strife resulting from the various secular and religious notions of God can be healed.

    All the world's inhabitants can remember that we are all connected in this ALL THAT IS that is God.

    In remembering our connection to the ALL THAT IS that is God, we can discover how to live more harmoniously with each other, our world, and ourselves.


      Our second mission is to publish the enlightened message of Ho'ala Huna throughout the world. We do this by:

      Providing those on the path of Self-Realization with a wide variety of educational materials and training opportunities grounded in the entheogenic (to find the God within) wisdom of Ho'ala Huna.

      Finding innovative ways to support widespread distribution of our message to as many people as possible throughout the world.

      Insure that people who are introduced to this enlightened wisdom are neither misinformed nor mislead by any of our priests, practitioners and/or facilitators. While we cannot control anyone's behavior, we can see that people have access to the material directly for its source and remind people to remain focused on the Message and not its messengers.


      To support a growing family of like-minded people known as the Eagle's Nest Ohana (Family) with the following services and support them to live in peace and harmony in its Light.
    • Support each member who desires it along their personal priesthood (Kahuna Pili) path with ordinations and

    • Support each person to find their unique gifts and master them so they can be offered to the Circle of Life for the benefit of all.

      Traditional services like blessings, weddings, and memorial services.

      Support on the path of the Personal Priesthood (known as the Kahuna Pili.) This includes ordinations, guidance on how to create, understand, and use a personal altar, support for healthy family and interpersonal relationships, spiritual counseling, and conflict resolution services.


    To train and ordain master priests known as Kahuna Kupua who are capable of facilitating the programs offered by the Foundation to its members and the public at large.

    Novitiate Program: For those who are ready to explore the idea of operating as a full-time professional kahuna priest.

    Kahuna of the Order of Ku: Specialists at moving energy. (Artists, musicians, masters of systems like Yoga and Tai Chi, spiritual healers, counselors, etc.)

    Kahuna of the Order of Lono: Specialists at a skill of some kind. (Doctors, lawyers, scientists, educators, skilled trades people, etc.)

    Kahuna of the Order of Kane: Master priests who have dedicated their lives to the mission of the Ho'ala Huna Foundation and who sit on the Counsel of Elders.
    The Ho'ala Huna Foundation is a balanced and dynamic organization of professional priests in service to those on a personal priesthood path. Our structure, programs, and services support those who are awakening to their Divine nature. We do this so people can learn to live in peace and harmony with each other and our world.
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Ancient Wisdom Heals Modern Lives

Ho'ala Huna Foundation
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