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Path of the Kahuna Pili (Path of the Peaceful Warrior) 

Unlike the priesthood models of the western world, Ho'ala Huna does not see priesthood in terms of some kind of gatekeeper that must be authorized by some higher religious authority. in Reality no person or institution can make anyone a priest. Priesthood is a spiritual responsibility. Because we are spiritually responsible for every aspect of our lives, each of us has a priesthood responsibility to ourselves, our family, and our world. 

This is the meaning of the
Path of the Peaceful Warrior. It is the path upon which we confront malu.

Malu is a Hawai'ian word that refers to a "life-taking spirit". Like all things that are Real, these spirits are a part of the ALL THAT IS that is God. They play a very important role because it is their job is to take our power away where ever we are unconscious. They do this by giving us thoughts and feelings that we confuse as ours. When we give these thoughts and feelings power, we make choices that bring us pain.

Pain is also a perfect gift from a loving Universe. Once we have had enough of it, we become humble. With enough humility, we find ourselves able to awaken to an ever deeper appreciation for our Divine nature and heritage.

On the Path of the Peaceful Warrior the Universe becomes our partner in helping us find every fear-laden thought, notion, idea, or feeling that takes us away from an awareness of our own personal Divinity.

The Path of the Peaceful Warrior involves a series of ordinations that take place throughout life. These ordinations recognize the appropriateness of accepting some aspect of personal priesthood responsibility. The path is known as Kahuna Pili (personal priesthood.)

In Ho'ala Huna, ordinations are viewed quite differently than in most spiritual paths. We recognize the Truth that no one can make anyone else a priest. People are born with inherent priesthood responsibilities. That is why to us, an ordination is a formal recognition that the person being ordained has become awake enough to handle the responsibility of some aspect of priesthood in their lives.

The ancient path of the Kahuna Pili consists of eight ordinations, each of which affirms some aspect of this priesthood responsibility. There is no gender bias. Females as well as males receive these ordinations.
  • First Ordination - Six years of age - Mastery of Prayer: Responsibility to make proper prayers as demonstrated by the ability to create and use a personal altar.
  • Second Ordination - Eight Years of Age - Mastery of Loving Service: Responsibility to master the art of Loving Service and provide reliable priesthood service to one's family and community.
  • Third Ordination - 12 Years of Age - Mastery of Self: Responsibility to master the art of self-discipline as demonstrated by the ability to properly channel appetites and drives including sexual appetites.
  • Fourth Ordination - Career Choice - Mastery of Talents: Responsibility to find and master one's gift and return it to the Circle of Life in a spirit of loving service. This ordination requires the commitment to pay tithing which is used to support the Ohana.
  • Fifth Ordination - At Choice of Spouse - Mastery of Marriage: Responsibility to master Humility and the process of Marriage as a vital part of unfolding wisdom.
  • Sixth Ordination - First Pregnancy - Mastery of Parenting: Responsibility to provide priesthood leadership to children while mastering the difference between Loving/caring and Connection/attachment.
  • Seventh Ordination - Determined by Family - Mastery of Leadership: Responsibility to provide reliable priesthood leadership to one's wider family and society. This ordination elevates one to the status of Kupuna (holder of wisdom.) Members are eligible to serve on their family group's Counsel of Elders.
  • Eighth Ordination - Death - Ancestor: This ordination marks the transition of the person from role as family elder to that of a family ancestor who takes their place at the family altar as a living source of inspiration and guidance for the family.

Members of the Eagle's Nest Family (Ohana) may make application for ordinations to this path any time they are ready to commit to live a life centered in the desire to be of service to the Eagle's Nest Ohana (Family.)

Ordinations are provided by Kahuna Kupua (professional priests) of the Ho'ala Huna Foundation.

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