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Kahuna Kupua - Professional Priesthood 
 Kahuna Kupua are full time professional priests. Their job is to support the Kahuna Pili in the unfolding of their personal priesthood responsibilities. As such, they must demonstrate the capacity of leadership by setting the example for the Eight Sacred Virtues of Clarity, Courage, Integrity, Humility, Loving Service, Self-Responsibility, Self-Discipline, and Comnpassion.

There are two classes of this priesthood. The High Priests (Kahuna of the Order of Kane) are masters at applying Divine (Real) Principles to keep the social structure balanced and connected to God/the ALL THAT IS/Reality. They perform ordinations for the Heiau (those who are part of the Kahuna Kupua Order) or Kahuna Pili when no appropriate elder is available. They teach the Principles of Enlightenment, the Art of Prayer. They conduct Ho'opono'pono (conflict resolution) when the circumstanced warrant. They form the Counsel of Elders that provide leadership and guidance for the entire Ohana.

The subordinate class is divided into two types. These include:

Kahuna of the Order of Ku: These are masters of moving energy through song, chant, dance, art, poetry, story-telling, sports, or some of other form of performance. Mastery means that they have mastered the ability to put a person in touch with their Divine nature at an emotional level.

Kahuna of the Order of Lono: These are masters of some sort of skill or profession. Examples might be one of the various venues of healing, agriculture, tool making and/or maintenance, building design and/or construction, and/or maintenance, ecology and/or resource management, and many more. Mastery means that they have mastered the ability to help professionals and craftsmen to find and maintain balance so things work in harmony with Reality.

Kahuna of the Order of Ku and Lono are considered the subordinate orders of the priesthood because they serve under the direction of the Kahuna of the Order of Kane.

People who are interested in the professional priesthood path begin as apprentices in one of these orders.

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