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As the Lava Flows
Here is where we invite you to participate with our family. Post your comments, views, or questions about Ho'ala Huna, spirituality in general, or talk to us about any current event.
Our calendar is where you can find out where we will be speaking or holding a retreat or workshop in your area. Hopefully we can meet you and welcome you to our family in person!
News Resources
Here are links to selected news feeds. Check it out. Who knows, you might learn somthing!
Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to the questions that most newcomers are likely to ask. If it isn't here, write to us at

We'll be happy to do our best to answer your questions wikiwiki (plenty quick).
Become A Member Here

Click on the picture or link above and you will be taken to a site that will explain the benefits of membership and if you decide to join, a link to our membership application and enrollment form. 
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