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Our Eagle's Nest School 
Our Eagle's Nest School is a Hawai'ian-style Halau specifically designed to teach the Principles of Enlightenment. 

Our wisdom school is centered around the ancient wisdom of Ho'ala Huna, Hawai'ian words that mean "that which creates an awakening to the sacred knowledge of Reality."

Never before has this kind of training been available to students regardless of where they live in the world.

Our wisdom school is the literal fulfillment of a prophecy made in 1250 AD when invaders from Tahiti destroyed the enlightened society of the Hawai'ians and replaced it with the blood-thirsty rule of the Ali'i. The Mo'o priests who were the original teachers of the system were nearly exterminated, but predicted that a time would come when their teachings would return in their fullness. This would be a time when the teachings could "Fly Around the World As If On Wings of a Bird."

As the ancients foretold, this school is the literal fulfillment of that prophecy.
Nature of the Curriculum
We call our curriculum "HUNA PERSPECTIVES." Subject matter includes classes on nearly every aspect of human existence including:
  • The Nature of God

  • Understanding the World of Spirit vs. the World of Form

  • The Nature of Life

  • The Nature of Self

  • What to Expect from a Spiritual Teacher/Nature of Priesthood

  • The Nature of Relationship

  • The Nature of Enlightenment/Awakening

  • How to Enjoy Health & Healing

  • Understanding Prayer/Meditation/Manifestation

  • Understanding Family/Family Roles/How to Raise Conscious Children

  • The Nature of Social Engineering/Politics/How to Solve Social Problems

  • How to Find and Master your Gifts

These and many more subjects are covered in ways that dispel myths, and unlock insight and understanding.

Our current offerings are available here. Dozens of classes have been already recorded. New classes are being added to the website as fast as we can get them outlined and edited.
Get More Class Information Here
Learn about the course structure, where you can find classes that are currently available, and answers to common questions here.
Get More Information on Tuition Plans Here
Learn more about our Personal and Family Tuition Plan Options, as well as other benefits that are available to Student Members of our Family here.

Our Special tuition plans make it inexpensive to make your time with the Eagle's Nest School a regular, if not central, part of your spiritual practice!
How to Enroll
Enrollment is a simple process.
That's all there is to it. Do it today so you can start enjoying the gift that is this School of Wisdom. Make it an important part of your daily spiritual practice. It is the gift that keeps on giving!
Become A Member Here

Click on the picture or link above and you will be taken to a site that will explain the benefits of membership and if you decide to join, a link to our membership application and enrollment form. 
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Ancient Wisdom Heals Modern Lives

Ho'ala Huna Foundation
P. O. Box 7261
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