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Spiritual Science
The Way of Wisdom is unusually valuable because it is one of the only ways to approach the study of metaphysics/spirituality as a postulate based science - not a belief based philosopy or religion.

Postulates are statements of self-evident truth. Postulates can intuitively be recognized as Truth so no belief is required. For example, in geometry one postulate is that the "shortest distance between two points on the same plane is a straight line." This statement can intuitively be recognized as an accurate description of Reality. No belief is required. Because it is Real, it Works - reliably and flawlessly. It also fits in seamliessly with other similar postulates to form a body of knowledge with many applications including things like navigation, surveying, engineering, and many more.

All of Ho'ala Huna is the same - just in a metaphysical way.

Most metaphysical systems must be based on "belief" instead of postulates because they begin with a "god" that is seen as "separate from that god's creation." This is a fatal flaw.

In contrast, Ho'ala Huna begins by defining God as the ALL THAT IS. Only from this foundational postulate are other important metaphysical postulates revealed.

This is a second reason Ho'ala Huna is unusually valuable because this difference makes it an entheogenic system of metaphysics.

Entheogenic means the system is designed to reveal the Divine or "God-Nature" of all things. It also makes Ho'ala Huna far more shamanic than religious. This is very interesting because Ho'ala Huna is very ancient, and like other shamanic ways of looking at the world, it is a metaphysical system of wisdom that predates all modern forms of belief-based religions by tens of thousands of years.

This leads to the thought that perhaps our most ancient ancestors were a lot smarter than we modern people give them credit for. Given that there is a powerful upwelling of new interest in these ancient shamanic traditions, are our ancestors there for us after all?

Ho'ala Huna is more than a religion in another important way.

Religions depend upon beliefs that cannot be proven. The motivation to adhere to these beliefs is usually provided by fear.

While all religions contain some elements of Truth, and can therefore provide some degree of wisdom about how life works (it is not wise to lie, cheat, steal, or kill your neighbor), belief-based religions are not able to open one's vision to the deepest secrets of how our world, and ourselves, are made, or the true purpose and meaning of our lives.

In contrast, because it is postulate-based, Ho'ala Huna is a system of wisdom that can answer these questions. In so doing, Ho'ala Huna doesn't depend on fear to work. Instead, Ho'ala Huna works to heal fear at every level.

Further, because wisdom is knowledge that has been refined in the furnace of experience, Ho'ala Huna is a common sense system of wisdom that is absolutely and firmly grounded in Reality so it Works - reliably and flawlessly! That is why we repeat over and over that if you choose to study Ho'ala Huna, belief is neither required nor desired. Belief just gets in the way.

On the other hand, Humility (defined as the ability to be flexible in perspective) is required, in doses large enough to overcome the most closely held beliefs. This is why we teach: "Growth and comfort seldom come in the same package."
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