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Terms of Service
Kahuna are spiritual teachers. We train individuals who seek personal spiritual development as well as people who want formal training as priests.

As spiritual teachers, our job is to help our students to step ever more deeply into the absolute Realization of their personal Divine nature.

Because what we see depends upon where we stand, to take this path requires that a student be ready to transcend their habitual perspectives and leave many of their comfortable belief systems behind. This is our definition of Humility or what the Hawai'ians call "Ha'aha'ha. Our experience is that this happens only when people have had enough pain.

Because the success of this dynamic depends upon how people honor their roles, certain rules must apply or the relationship will quickly lose its value.

Therefore, as spiritual teachers it is absolutely necessary for you understand not only what we expect but also why. Remember, our goal is to help you achieve the results you want. Our experience of providing our service to thousands of people over 25 years tells us the following additudes are required:

We require respect. What this means is while we are always open to suggestions, as your teachers we must define what subject matter is important and what is not. Because we know that this path will bring up energy for you, we must define what energy is appropriate and what energy is not. Justifying an energy of anger or upset by blaming your teacher is not acceptable. Remember, our job is to show you where you have energy, help you to see why, and help you to learn how to overcome it. In group meetings we decide when a mirror is appropriate and when it is not. If you have energy during a group meeting, don't be surprised if you get a mirror. This is not done to embarrass or humiliate you. It is done so you can see more deeply into yourself. Others who are watching can learn a lot from this and be assured that they will get their turn in the "hot seat" sooner or later. We do not teach people who think they know better than us what this path should be, nor do we teach people who cannot speak or otherwise act respectfully at all times. This is not optional. those who are not able to comply must find another teacher.

We require that you take personal responsibility. As your spiritual teachers we do not expect belief nor do we want followers. We are not a cult. We require that you take personal responsibility for your journey. We teach fellow Divine beings who want to avail themselves of the wisdom we carry. As students, your are responsible to look at things with a completely open mind from our perspective. Your role as a student is to endeavor to hear what we have to say, and ask questions until you can Recognize - in context - the Vision to which we are pointing. You are not acting as a responsible student  when you attempt to keep your doubts and concerns or lack of understanding from us. If you find you can be responsible in this way, our relationship will work. If you cannot, we are not your teachers.

We require integrity. What this means is that we expect people to keep the commitments they have made - not only to us, but also to their mates and children, their extended families, their friends, their business associates, their employers, extending even to their society and country. If someone has made a commitment to the priesthood path, this includes honesty about tithing, attendance at meetings, and honoring one's callings in a spirit of loving service. This is not optional. If people find themselves justifying out-of-integrity behavior, we are no longer their teachers.

We require humility. Our job is to answer questions that are asked in a spirit of Humility. It is not our job to engage in debates about issues, or whether or not your energy or attitude needs a mirror, or whether or not our style of teaching is appropriate - especially when we are in the process of teaching a lesson in a group setting. Should a student feel the need to make our energy an issue while we are trying to teach, we are no longer their teacher. What does work is that AFTER a student has dealt with his/her energy about some issue, then and only then will we entertain ideas about how we might be able to our job more effectively. This is not optional. If people find that they cannot engage us as teachers in this way, we are no longer their teachers.

We require initiative. We are not here to be someone's source of motivation, nor are we here to be someone's substitute conscience, nor are we here to remind someone again and again of proper protocol, the commitments they have made, or the need for a respectful attitude. While we are happy to provide reminders when someone forgets something, it is not our job to overcome deep seated resistance. This is not optional. If we find ourselves in this position with someone, we are no longer their teachers.

We require that you be responsible for your commitments to others. If you are acting as a group leader or take on a responsibility for your group, you must do whatever it takes to make your group come alive. This applies whether you are a father or mother facilitating this path for your family, or a person who is holding public meetings for other adults. You can't expect success if you don't have regular meetings that are run appropriately, in a consistent and appropriate place. 

We require you to recognize that this path will require courage. Once you honestly look at life from our perspective and recognize some Truth, you must allow it to live within yourself. This may be quite uncomfortable especially when you have to sacrifice your sacred cows on the altar of Enlightenment to the displeasure of those who love you. You must realize that you cannot make anyone see anything they do not want to see. Neither is it your job to engage anyone in debates in order to convince them of something. Instead, always be happy to answer questions asked in a spirit of Humility.

Please realize that we are here to help you look beyond where you are so you can step further into integrity with your Divinity, the essence of Reality and the Law of Love.

We don't take this sacred responsibility casually. You may be assured we will treat you with the same respect, honor, and integrity we expect of you.

Please know that when we point sometimes our students will not want to look in the direction we are pointing. We understand. That is natural. We will be patient, but the Law of Love demands we not let you avoid dealing with roadblocks that may appear along your path.

We also promise that we will provide any mirrors that we see to be necessary, no matter who the person, or whether or not that person might become angry with us for doing so. We will be too busy Loving you to care about whether or not you like us. This is not an idle statement. Ask anyone who has known us for more than a short time.

If it looks like we are avoiding calling someone on something, you will be incorrect. We often allow the Universe to create a space where a lesson may be most effectively taught. Those times always come - sooner or later. That is why second-guessing why we do what we do doesn't work. To do that isn't honoring us as your teacher.

While this may appear harsh it is not. Growth in awareness requires that old ways of looking at things get replaced by ways that permit a higher view of things. That which is unfamiliar is often uncomfortable. People naturally resist that which is uncomfortable.

There was a time when people accepted the Reality that growth and comfort seldom come in the same package. People accepted the fact that a brighter future required self-discipline and effort in the present. They had to in order to survive.

Ho'ala Huna teaches us that the key to a sense of self-worth is self-discipline. That is why our ways are rooted in discipline.

True discipline is not about punishment although that may be a method that is required from time to time. The goal of true discipline is to grow by experiencing the consequences of your choices.

For example, true discipline isn't about punishing kids because they didn't do their homework. Loving discipline is about teaching kids how mastery of their studies is vital to their long-term well being, and further, that the only way to master their studies is by bringing the proper attitude to the table. If their grades don't reflect that they have done enough homework to master their classes, they must be denied their favorite privileges until they can master their attitude. Otherwise their attitudes will master them and this always leads to one's self-worth being eroded. The same is just as true for you.

Our modern society is comprised of those who use television as their primary source of information. Such people cannot be expected to become models of virtue, self-discipline, responsibility, and common sense. The result is a population that has become very shallow in their ability to reason, very apt to follow leaders or entertainers who are "cool" or popular as celebrities, very disconnected from the earth, very undisciplined, very arrogant, and addicted to comfort at the expense of true strength.

Being the kind of spiritual teachers we are, we don't consider this to be a problem. In fact, it is because of this kind of dynamic that our service gains value. This kind of pain is not our enemy. It is our ally. It is the vehicle by which Light enters our world. Our Message is made of pure Light. Just like stars in the night sky are brightest when it is darkest, the value of our Message becomes more noticeable the darker our world becomes.

Delivering our Message is our service. It is beyond important. It is vital. Because there are so many people who are ready to take a journey into consciousness, we do not have the luxury of wasting time on people who are not.

That is why we require our students to accept and honor these terms of service. No part of them is optional. If someone cannot abide by them, they are not ready to have us be their teachers.

These terms of service apply to all spiritual teachers who are priests like ourselves. We are required to enforce these terms or find ourselves marginalized and our work diminished.

If someone finds that our style too difficult to accept, it is because they require a different teacher. The Universe is full of teachers. You may be assured that one will be provided. The Universe is full of students. Others will take the place of those of you who leave.
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