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Our School Is A Hawaiian-Style Halau 

What is a Halau?

Halau (ha-lau - the "au" is pronounced like the ou in ouch.) A halau is a school run by kahuna priests.

The word "halau" means a branch from which many leaves emerge. These "leaves" are "haumana" or "the students who are being filled with new life.

The main stalk or trunk is the teacher of the subject known as a "kumu." The responsibility of the kumu is to convey the ideas and skills taught by the school accurately and reliably.

The master who originated the school is like the root of the tree and is known as a "Kupua." The Kupua is highly revered for his/her ability to bring the skills and perspectives together and convey them in an organized and powerful way so they may bring new life to the student.

What is the Eagle's Nest Halau?

The Eagle's Nest Halau is a wisdom school originated by Lono Ho'ala. Lono was ordained in 1993 by priests of the ancient Mo'o clan in Hawai'i. Because they recognized his ability to teach this wisdom they ordained him Kahuna Kupua A'o meaning "Master Teacher of Enlightenment." As you study this system of wisdom you will find out for yourself the power of the message he teaches. He will be your Kumu.  

Who is Eligible?

Any person interested in pursuing the path that leads to Enlightenment/Self-realization is welcome to become a member of our family and enroll in our school. You may find out about membership in the Eagle's Nest Ohana here.
Become A Member Here

Click on the picture or link above and you will be taken to a site that will explain the benefits of membership and if you decide to join, a link to our membership application and enrollment form. 
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Ancient Wisdom Heals Modern Lives

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