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Ho'ala Huna is not like western systems of belief-based religion. There is no dogma (set of beliefs that must be accepted on blind faith.) Neither is there any threat of hell or punishment by God if you don't believe. To us, belief gets in the way of knowing God.

Instead of a dogma-based religion, Ho'ala Huna is an Entheogenic System of Reality-based Wisdom. It is based on axioms and postulates. It relies on reason - not ungrounded faith. Understanding the difference is vital.

"Entheogenic" means "to discover the source of Divinity within." Ho'ala Huna is all about the absolute experience of Recognizing and Realizing your personal Divine nature.

"System" means that every part fits seamlessly together with every other part to make a whole that works reliably and flawlessly for its purpose.

"Reality-based" means that the system is founded upon postulates whose Truth is self-evident. That means to study the system, no belief is required - or even desired. It is all common-sense based on reason. Reason is God's way of accessing Truth. 

"Wisdom" means that the knowledge taught by the system has been tested by the fires of experience so that all that is not Real has been burned away.

Because Ho'ala Huna is absolutely grounded in a common-sense understanding of Reality, it has the power to heal lives and set souls free - whether the soul be that of a person, a government, a culture - or any other aspect of our world. It is one of the clearest expressions of what the Founding Fathers of America called "Natural Law."

Ho'ala Huna is extremely ancient. To find out more about where it came from, click here

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